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all about ultra running, oh and doing a bit of running too. The miles are starting to add up but so are the niggling aches and pains, thought I was doing so well two months of consistent training and no injuries. With Southampton Half next weekend I’ve started my taper early due to a sore right ankle although I have to admin I’m not sure this is entirely down to running having spent the night before wearing my highest heels at a charity fashion show! Is running also going to control what I wear?

Started reading an article on which made me chuckle. It was an article on training for your first ultra, of course this will be me next year once the Jungfrau is done. Apparently it’s easy all you have to remember is “left, right, repeat” simple really! Made me think of Fatboy Slim’s Eat, sleep, rave, repeat. Eat, sleep, Left, Right, Repeat! Eat,Sleep, Left, Right, Repeat! Every run that plays over and over in my head to the point of complete irritation ūüôā But it’s true the right food, the sleep, left, right, repeat…….and the odd rave won’t go a miss I’m sure.





It feels good….

to be running again back to the Surrey  Hills and loving it..



Been reading¬†a lot about trail running which is fast becoming a passion in fact can’t think of anything else¬†these days.¬†Inspired by the surroundings of my new house and the feeling of freedom.

Definitely want to do an ultra next year will start with 52K not much further than a marathon but a good start to the 100K – wonder if I can achieve that next year? And then 100 miles and then 268 miles. ¬†I’m really¬†lucky to have a friend who does ultra running, he’s about to complete in the “Grand to Grand” ultra in September, so really hoping he’ll be able to guide me through my first few. Of course need to survive another trip up the Jungfrau first.

A quick reminder about the Jungfrau Marathon: Starts in Interlaken and finished at Kleine Scheidegg an altitude rise of 1,829m with the peaks of the Eiger and Jungfrau looming above. The views are spectacular, not that I really enjoyed them last time something I must address in september.

Been trying to figure out a sensible target. In 2014 I did it in 5:55:05 this year I would hope to go a little quicker but how much? 10mins,¬†30mins¬†I really don’t know. Will it be easier second¬† time around or harder because I know what to¬†expect? Perhaps I’ll come back to this in a later blog.

The new shoes have arrived, very comfy.

Shoe ~Guardian

Good news РAnna will also be posting on this blog soon..


Jungfrau Marathon 2016

Jungfrau Marathon 2016


So here I go again – running up the Jungfrau – after saying I would never do it again because it hurt! Why did I sign up again?

Well unfortunately Anna,, Richard and Kirk (my partner) said they were signing up to do it again so how could I be the one left at home!

That all happened at the beginning of February and now it’s got completely under my skin. This time I know what I need to do, train harder and have a race plan – sounds easy doesn’t it.

Training has started well, I’m going to take a very sensible approach, small chucks and listening to my body.

I’ve been running¬†3 mornings a week with my best buddy “cheeky”



– 3.5 mile off-road very hilly with longer 5 mile runs at the weekends. So far this very consistent training has paid off. Entered Surrey Half on 13th March and managed a PB 1:55:47 great run for the first time actually followed my race plan and felt good up to the last half mile. Next race is the Southampton Half on 24th April – can’t wait.


I’ve also entered “The Hurt” 21K on the 4th June very very hilly ¬†will be a really good fitness test.

I’ve just done a really stupid thing! Bought new trainers¬† went cheap knew they didn’t feel quite right but bought them anyway, two runs later¬† hello bruised foot ūüė¶ Now I’m listening to my body and having a few days off – frustrating!

Lovely new¬†Asics¬†trainers now on order can’t wait. ūüôā